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Elisa McKay, self-taught St. Croix artist, began a hobby of making note cards using African print fabric, papers, flowers, and bits of ribbon and cord. This hobby found its way into many stores and hotel gift shops in the Virgin Islands. In 1993, Elisa moved to increasingly larger formats in her designs. Her distinctive African-Caribbean collages interpret themes of family, community and celebration. Silhouettes of African fabric and paper combined with acrylic, gouache and watercolor, metal, wood, and other findings are used to create striking mixed media creations ."The purpose of my art is to connect with my multicultural roots, but most importantly, my African/Caribbean ancestry. Being raised in the African/Caribbean Diaspora in Harlem, NY, exposed me to a rich culture, which has been woven through the tapestry of my life.  In the spirit of my ancestors, I celebrate my heritage through my art...with respect, honor, and love.